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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  November 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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there's a shop rite in the area we've seen several vehicles swamped underwater. we've been watching firefighters evacuate people in boats probably who went into that store to do their shopping and came out a mess. >> and we as you said chris saw people being escorted to their homes in knee deep water. we talked to a water department employee on the telephone had was on their way to this huge water main saying there were four, 48-inch water mains there and they were trying to locate the exact one. dave kinchen has finally made his way to the scene. what can you tell us, dave, about the situation there now? >> reporter: well, we're right in front of that shop rite. let me just step out of the way here and you can see this lady actually was rescued had to be carried across some of the water there between the stop sign on this side and those doors going into the shop rite. you can also see some people here the firefighters helping these folks load whatever they
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can into their cars here but we also want to -- we can just pan a little bit more to the right really show you some of the flooding especially in front of the ross dress for less and even down by you'll see the dollar plus in a little bit. you can see cars partially submerged right there. looks like mercury sable the white car and the van also. that's where the heaviest flooding is that we can see at least from the ground right here. you can see some of those emergency rafts right there from the fire department that have been used to get people out of the harm's way because some of the folks especially the more senior citizens needed some help to get to some dry land. but we go further right you can see all of the fire units and everybody else out here. so they're looking -- looks like they're pulling back little bit row locating the philadelphia police, chopper also flying over all of this to see if they can give grounds crews who needs assistance here. but this we understand is something that's happened before.
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residents and business owners say that at least three times in recent years this water main or water main like it has broken and so they're pretty frustrated we've been hearing their chatter online. by the way these people looks like they could be water department personnel going to read the back of his green -- there's no text on it. they're going in here to try to get a look at this whole scene. they've got flashlight some other equipment as you can see there. but just a mess of a situation now it's mostly mud and murkiness in front of the shop rite where we are. but again fire crews making sure getting everybody out of this shop rite. that's the latest right here. we'll send it right back to you. >> all right. thank you so much, dave. of course bob kelly has been monitoring the situation happening right at rush hour on friday night. probably a real mess around that area, too. bob? >> good evening, everybody. first of all, i can tell that you the roosevelt boulevard is major jammo right now. both directions as this is just off of the fox street exit of the rows vessel boulevard.
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so anyone had hing north or south we're already jammed to begin with. something i did fine out. this shopping center is only opened three years ago. so the piping, the infrastructure is only three years old. this is not one of those scenarios like we have in the northeast or old city when we get water mape break and we say wow you know the old city up from a structure here is crumbling. the pipes underneath are only three years old. i should say the shopping center opened up three years ago. so i would think that all of that piping, all of that work underground would be fairly new and you heard dave mention that it happened, you know, three times already. this is kind of bordering east falls, allegheny west you got nicetown you got hunting park reason all that water was funneling up and over down that embankment, that was down on to a freight train set of tracks. does not impact septa at all. that's the freight train line that does eventually move cole and product over the schuylkill
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river into 30th street. so obviously even though they got the water off, this is going to be a huge mess seeing all that water going somewhere and could have a domino effect on, you know, the other neighborhoods and before i toss it back to you, guys, i also just want to note that if you know anyone that uses the trenton regional rail line this afternoon, septa has suspended service inbound all because of some police activity at the holmesburg station. so, um, as we're looking live from skyfox, you know, thoughts and prayers with everybody that's in that neighborhood and hopefully they don't have any serious water damage and that water can seep -- that goes into the railroad yard i wonder if that's going to impact the railroad tracks and the footings there. >> bob kelly, one of the best in the business. fox 29 traffic authority joining us live. major water main break in east falls, of course, we'll bring you the latest as we get
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information to us. >> now of course to our other big story. top story tonight. dramatic developments in the septa strike after a four days of trollies, buses and subways not running in the city of philadelphia. the transit authority is now taking legal action against the union that represents thousands of workers. septa wants to get those workers to return to their jobs immediately. >> our bruce gordon is talking to business owners who say they're hurting after four days of the strike but we begin with brad sattin. he's live outside city hall with the very latest on the negotiations. brad? >> reporter: yeah, chris. live outside city hall. that is because the court of common pleas they're actually taking up this matter in a courtroom right now behind me. i just came out of this, and one of the interesting things out of this is that we're learning that the judge is at some point going to continue this until monday. so if we were looking for a quick resolution over the weekend, it does not sound like that's going to happen. of course if we continue it until monday, the election is on tuesday. to try to get these buses and
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trollies subway run that quick maybe turns out impossible. septa wanting this injunction to try to force employees back to work. take you to some pictures here. we can tell you septa as we mention the back in court putting up witnesses. they are septa employees detailing the hardship of passengers without this service trying to prove a clear and present danger to citizens. we heard from chief operatio ops officers a short time ago, a compliance manager who works with about 24,000 riders who are disabled. the union lawyer, though, is saying that this may be a big inconvenience but it is not a clear and present danger. there are takes there's uber, there are bikes they can add regional rail service. there are ways to get around. meanwhile negotiations we're now hearing will resume at 6:00 o'clock night on this day four the fight continues over pensions, wages, health care and schedules. septa in a news conference a couple hours ago said this strike, though, is a danger to people. >> the strike has caused people to miss critical medical appointments.
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is making it impossible for some disabled residents to get to facilities for specialty care and get assistance with fundamental live care matters. it's causing students to miss school, and preps a risk to citizens right to vote in the november 8th leck. >> reporter: now the union president responded in an e-mail saying that we will fight septa's request for the injunction tooth and nail. we would prefer, however torque concentrate our attention on productive bargaining to reach a fair cement. at this point, only a handful of issues separate the parties ♪ again, the hearing continues inside but the judge saying a little while ago that this will be continued until monday. obviously just a day before the election. guys, back to you. >> timing is everything here and we're now a full week into this septa strike and getting a picture of how it is affecting everyone particularly local businesses. they're taking a hit. >> it's not pretty sight either. let's get straight to bruce gordon live tonight at the sheraton in center city where
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those septa negotiations continue. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, guys, for any business to succeed large or small you really need at least two things. you need customers and you need employees. well the septa strike this week has made it awfully tough to get either one through the door. >> nick' bar and grill has taken beating this week. they closed on tuesday when employees couldn't get to work. ever since owner joey has driven all over the city picking them up and taking them in. the septa strike has cut customer traffic by at least 2 20%. >> people now have to instead of going out to eat they're shaving their money to find transportation back and forth to work. >> reporter: over at primeau's hoagies they've closed early each day sin the strike began, 3:00 p.m. instead of the usual 8:00. that's because they want their workers to be able to get home at a decent hour. not that there's as much to do once they are on the job. >> with the abbreviated hours and less people in the area, business is down a solid 30%.
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which certainly hurts. >> reporter: 30% down for the whole week. >> yup. >> report chunk of change. >> it sure is. >> reporter: and mrs. kay's coffee shop they finally had a busy morning friday. after closing the day before thanks to workers stranded at home by the strike. >> we cannot get cook. we called all the cooks possible and they could not get a ride in. the cook that was supposed to come in i think he had transportation and then something came up at home with the kids and all and he couldn't get in. >> reporter: you had to literally shut down. >> we shut down. >> reporter: kevin stevens is that cook. the septa strike trapped him home at home twice this week because he couldn't get his daughter to school. cost him a couple days pay. >> i'm losing money. i can get to work. >> reporter: every business we visited had the same reaction to a work week full of lot of customers and shrunken profits get those buses back on the streets says joey. >> everybody is paying the price. just get it done. >> reporter: the result of that injunction battle will
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obviously be closely watched by business owners. they want mass transit back. frankly they don care if it takes a judge to force the issue. chris? >> hundreds of other thousand people begin thinking the same, bruce, thanks. all right. breaking news now out of new york city tonight. that is where nypd says a robbery suspect shot and killed a sergeant and wounded another officer in the bronx. governor andrew cuomo says the wounded sergeant was shot in the leg is under going treatment right now. the robbery suspect died while exchanging gunfire with police. he's been identified as 35-year-old manuel rosalis. police say all of this started after police pulled over a car matching a description of one related to a home invasion. that's when the suspect opened fire. three people are hurt after a stabbing at rutgers universi university. this happened just before 3:00 this afternoon at the new brunswick campus. officials say it happened inside the business school. police say the suspect was one
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of three people with establish wounds. that person is now in custody. we do not yet know the condition of anyone who was affected. a jury has reached avert in the bridge gate trial. both defendants are found guilty on all charges. bridget kell and bill baroni are convicted of creating traffic jams at the george washington bridge back in 2013. prosecutors say it was all for political retaliation. now this decision comes in the seventh week of this trial and after a full week of jury deliberations. both defendants say they plan to appeal today's verdict. sentencing is set for february. turning now to your fox 29 weather authority. let's take live look at a pretty wilmington riverfront today. not as warm as it was yesterday. but not a bad day to be outside. meteorologist scott williams here for what's in store tonig tonight. hey, scott. >> hi there, chris. we're looking at pretty typical temperatures for this time of year. some patchy frost developing for the overnight and then tomorrow we'll likely have similar highs to today.
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look at the temperatures dropping into the mid and upper 50's out there. definitely grab those jacks and sweaters. ultimate doppler it's dry, it is quiet. but those numbers 42 degrees by 11:00 o'clock tonight. and look at overall overnight temperatures dipping into the mid 30s outlying suburbs so that patchy frost will develop. coming up we'll talk about the entire weekend forecast and also preview election day weather. guys, back to you. >> thank you scott. coming up meet philadelphia's newly honored firefighter of the year. what he had to say about this award even though he's not much for having all of the attention on him. and let's get you back out to east falls where we've been covering a major water main break. this section baker center shopping center was underwater. it look likes like officials have water main capped. 48-inch main blamed for all of this. we'll get you on top of this as we come back.
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>> breaking news out of east falls. skyfox live over major water main break here at this shopping center. this is near fox street and roberts avenue. a 48-inch water main broke there causing the parking lot there to flood and shoppers to be stranded. the water does look to be receding. the water company is on the scene trying to cap this. will he we will couldn't to follow this story and keep you updated with the very latest developments. big honor foreman who has spent decades keeping the residents of philadelphia safe. today philadelphia fire department awarded this year's firefighter of the year. >> it was given to man who by no means felt entitled to that honor very humble. captain steven rue sell began his career as a dispatcher back in 1977 and he held that job for five years before he transitioned into the fire department. and that's where he became a lieutenant and then later a captain. today fire officials along with mayor jim kenney awarded him with the 2016 firefighter of the
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year award for his nearly 40 years of bravery and courage. he joking that the award well it wasn't exactly his thing. >> i want to thank everybody for showing up, my family, my friends, colleague, all the bosses. i'm humbled by this. you know this ain't my stick. [ laughter ] >> very cute. he went on to say that part of this honor actually belongs to all his brothers and sisters at the philadelphia fire departme department. a big congratulations going out to him tonight. and back now to your fox 29 weather authority. as we take a live look at reading. blue skies. it was sunny across the delaware valley today. let's hope it stays this way for the weekend. meteorologist scott williams is here now. i know you were out enjoying this weather earlier. >> i know. it was warmer this week but now we got -- this was true autumn today. let's keep that it way, right. >> it really is, chris and dawn. sweater weather break out the fall wardrobes for the up coming weekend.
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temperatures tonight will be dropping pretty rapidly as well with those clear skies. we currently have 57 degrees in philadelphia after high temperatures in the low 60s. 54 right now in atlantic city. 52 currently in allentown. so into the upcoming weekend, high pressure that will be the dominant feature. keeping our skies pretty sunny. and also pretty seasonal for this time of year. so high temperatures on average in the low 60s. but also as we move toward the up coming weekend, it's fall back. the end of daylights saving time so we're talking about setting those clocks back an hour. it's always good time to change the batteries, check and test those smoke detectors in your homes, and take a look at the sunset on sunday. before 5:00 o'clock, at 4:52. so we gain that hour of sleep. but we lose it as far as the daylight hours. now take a look at the pattern over the next several days. headed into next week. high pressure pretty much dominating much of the country moving toward election day next
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tuesday. we're looking at high pressure out west. high pressure for the eastern seaboard. maybe a couple of showers in parts of texas, oklahoma into arkansas and louisiana, but other than that it look like a pretty dry and mild election day across the delaware valley. chilly conditions to start temperatures will be in the 40s. a high temperature on next tuesday of 64 degrees. so looking pretty good. now for tonight, once again, clear skies, patchy frost. in the suburbs look at that, temperatures in the 30s. right around 40 degrees for the city and planning your day for tomorrow, a chilly start. but look at those temperatures. by the afternoon a high tomorrow 61. that's about average once again for this time of year. that weather authority seven day forecast showing you a seasonal dry and sunny weekend. election day looks good and also next friday for veterans day looking good with temperatures topping out in the low 60s. back over to you. >> all right. i like all those sunshines. >> um-hmm.
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he is especially for election day. >> sean brace here with sports. some off the field drama for the eagles. hopefully we'll get passed that, right. >> chris and dawn, it's been a eventual week to say the least. that's right. there's game this weekend and after very eventful week off the field for the eagles, head coach doug pederson looks to get the focus back on the field. hear from pederson on who will step up and replace josh huff on sunday next in sports. >> we're on top of break news out of east falls. a water main break soaking a huge section of east falls at this shopping center right here. not clear if the break has been capped yet but it does look like the water has reced receded. a lot of mud and muck there. debris causing all kinds of problem. 48-inch water main break. we will continue to stay on top of it. we'll be right back.
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until i find out you know exactly, um, you know, the severity of it and what's going to happen down road, right now nothing. >> as of right now, yes. >> that was wednesday. doug speed son telling us eagles receiver josh huff will be suitinsuiting up versus the newk giants. now after the eagles released huff and gm howie hose roseman having his chance to address the media yesterday pederson was back in front of the mike today explaining what exactly changed. >> i said we were going to find -- debt more information, um, we were going to make a collective decision and, um, that's what we did. you heard howie's comments yesterday and i truly believe that's -- that's the right way to handle this, you know is to
6:25 pm
dialogue, have communication, and, um, do the best thing for the philadelphia eagles. >> now josh huff released means next man up. kick off returns went daal small wood had kick off return earlier for touchdown this year and kenyan barner. pederson is calling on rookie bryce to step you and fill the void. >> obviously the speed. he catches the ball well. you know, he's a smooth route runner and plus, too, he's young and he hasn't, um, he hasn't played for us so teams really don't know much about him. >> join us for a giant sunday see what i did there fox "game day live" at 10am. eagles and giants at 1:00. followed by our fox 29 post game show back in the house myself sean bell and g. cobb will break down all the game's action press conferences and locker room interviews. join us on sunday.
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finally, how many did you say? how about over 5 million people at today's cubs championship parade through chicago. 2008 phillies victory championship parade 1.3 million. 5 million today in chicago. i'm being told that steve bart man was not in the house and i'm not sure if ferris wheeler did sing twist and shout but hopefully did he. >> can you imagine being there. >> bart man exiled. >> coming up to note at 10:00 we'll have the latest developments in that major water main break in east falls. business is trying out. they will be for a long time tonight. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. we'll see you back here tonight at 10:00 o'clock. have a great night. at 10:00 o'clock. have a great night. inside edition is up next.ond t:
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>> container from hell. held captive. chained like a dog inside a storage container just like this one for two months. and the accused kidnapper. has he been a monster since childhood. and then megyn kelly's bombshell book. the shocking revelation. and -- >> melania trump. >> fallout over melania denouncing cyber bullying. wait until you see what bill clinton is saying about her. beyonce backlash. plus, heart break for singer michael buble. his 3-year-old has cancer. and prince har


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